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XtraFinder is awesome freeness

I don’t typically plug Mac apps (though I use them daily), but Mac power-users wanting some improvements to the Finder, but without too much overkill or memory hogging,  should check out XtraFinder. It’s free and works with Mac OS 10.6+.

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Designers/Devs beware, Adobe apps might feel the Lion's bite

This is becoming annoying, yet common scenario with Adobe; as usual, Mac designers/developers who use Adobe products to make their living will YET AGAIN be advised not to upgrade to OS X Lion anytime soon (see TUAW’s post).

Even though early devs of Lion have been out for a long while, Adobe apps — the ones you pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for and rely on to make a living — don’t work well initially with the new OS, so you’re stuck waiting for Adobe patches or in some cases pay-for upgrades if you want to upgrade your OS. I’m sure most, but not all, issues will be fixed, but this seems really post facto from a top tier software company. :(

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Today the Lion is let out of the cage

For those of us who use Mac (that’s me since 1984 BTW), we’ll be treated to the next version of Apple’s Mac OS X code-named Lion. This upgrade is being priced and delivered quite differently than recent upgrades and promises to have lovers and haters. I could talk about the new features, but not having tried it, I’ll leave it to the experts at MacWorld to give you the initial skinny. Suffice it to say $30 is a good deal for an upgrade.

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Fix those browser plug-ins

Tip of the week: With ever-increasing security hacks on web browsers (read the latest Flash exploit to Gmail), Mozilla FireFox recommends you check your plug-ins with their auto-detect tool often. This’ll make sure all your browser plug-ins are up-to-date — especially Adobe Flash! On many computers these plug-ins are shared between browsers, so once you update, technically all your browsers will be up-to-date and more secure. :D

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Macworld has a nice review of MANY iPad/iPhone styli.

I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade to a Wacom Bamboo or NomadBrush, because I’m currently using the a Boxwave stylus (same as the Griffin one in the review) and it’s just average for drawing & writing.


iOS App Watch (March 31)

Awesome new creative apps or app updates for iOS devices as of late that I strongly recommend:

Vimeo for iPhone (NEW) - TUAW says it best, but this all-in-one video tool is fantastic. If you own a later model iPhone get it.

Procreate for iPad (NEW) - if any app can compete with Sketchbook Pro, it’s this drawing/painting app. It has a UI is stellar and the ability to create your own totally unique brushes.

Camera+ for iOS (UPDATE) - by far my favorite camera replacement app for the iPhone; it’s new “clarity” adjustment makes it brilliant along with a bevy of other improvements.

Inkpad for iPad (UPDATE) - my favorite vector drawing app on the iPad, but with this updates it’s truly professional… definitely the Adobe Illustrator of the iPad.

Garageband for iPad (NEW) - Apple’s venerable Mac application has only gotten better with a totally newly conceived iPad version. I have an original iPad and it works perfectly. Truly fantastic and dare I say revolutionary - though I still like my iMS-20 KORG app for noodling.

Sketch Club for iOS (UPDATE) - another great drawing/painting app that I’ve liked, but was limited. The UI overhaul and dramatically improved version of layers means it’s a serious competitor for your stylus or finger. The social sharing feature is really slick.

UPAD Lite for iPad (UPDATE) - how this thing remains free is beyond me. It’s a truly excellent handwriting/drawing/notetaking app. Very powerful, if a bit daunting to learn.

No games this week; I’ve got work to do.


Big news in App Store

App store developers can now build in subscription features.


A FreeFrog-designed children’s book coming soon to an iPad near you

Exciting news: My children’s book proposal has been accepted and will be a launch title for a new, upcoming iPad app. Now I have no excuse for not getting an iPad, but first I better finish the rest of the book! :D